smartphone real or stolen

Your smartphone real or stolen, 3 ways to find out

India has become the largest market for smartphones in the world. The number of phones being launched every month in India will hardly launch in any other country. In India, smartphones are sold from both offline and online stores, but there are many times when a fake or stolen smartphone reaches someone’s hands and they even aware of it. In today’s report, And we will show you how to find out about real and fake smartphones.

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The Department of Telecommunication has devised a way by which people can easily get information about their phones. If you also want to identify the phone, you will be able to get information through a message. But The first way is that you can check your phone by going to and entering your mobile number, OTP, and IMEI number.

The other way is with the message. You give space by typing KYM in your phone and after that enter the 15 digit IMEI number and send it to 14422. If you do not know the IMEI number of your device, you dial * # 06 #. If the phone has two numbers then two IMEI numbers will come. You can get phone information from any one number.

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Apart from this, the IMEI number also printed on the box. After sending the SMS, you will get another message, which will contain the phone’s company name and much other information. If IMEI VALID writing in the message, then your phone not fake and stolen.

Apart from the message, you can check the phone using the KYM – Know Your Mobile app. The complete information about your phone will reveal from this app. If the IMEI number of your phone does not show in this information and is coming by typing block, then understand that your phone is fake.

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