Inspired by World of Warcraft’s The Burning Crusade zone of Outland and its map design, one fan recreates a map of England in a similar art style.


Activision Blizzard released World of Warcraft way back in 2004, and since then, fans of the MMO have created a plethora of fan art in celebration of the game’s art design. One World of Warcraft fan has decided to recreate various maps of real-world locations in the same style as maps in The Burning Crusade’s Outland zone.

Reddit user Sp_o_o_n has created a handful of World of Warcraft-inspired maps already, beginning with Australia and their latest one focusing on England. The map includes important English locations such as Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Stonehenge, and the big city of London. Just like cities such as Stormwind and Ironforge in World of Warcraft, London is illustrated with the large monument that is Big Ben and features a bedazzled name compared to smaller locations. Secondary places like Stonehenge and Birmingham are highlighted on the map with landmarks of their own, while the other areas resemble small World of Warcraft outposts on the Outland-inspired map of England.


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To the North of Sp_o_o_n’s World of Warcraft-styled map of England is Scotland, while Wales is to the West and both fittingly include more mountainous areas than the ones to the North in the England portion of the map. The English portion of the map includes smaller mountains in the West, but none more prominent than the ones near the Scottish border. Near the border of England and Scotland is a long wall that represents Hadrian’s Wall which was created in 122 AD to protect the area once occupied by Romans and remnants of it remain today.

Although England has several caves for adventurers to explore, the only cave included in Sp_o_o_n’s map of England is featured in the Southwest corner underneath the Welsh border. There are three primary caves in this part of real-life England, suggesting this location is Cheddar Gorge, Kents Cavern, or Wookey Hole. Like with previous Sp_o_o_n maps in the World of Warcraft style, several rivers, lakes, and additional cities and towns are exempt from Sp_o_o_n’s World of Warcraft recreation of England and some fans lament the Northeast part of the map being particularly neglected.

The English countryside is shown in the World of Warcraft art style just North of London as it would on real-world maps, extending from the central path of England to the East coast. Some notable locations left out of Sp_o_o_n’s map include Cornwall, Newcastle, Wiltshire, and York, while the Isle of Man floats in the Nether between England and Scotland. Although the map of England may be more accurate if it included the aforementioned locations, it could also become more cluttered than the World of Warcraft map if every English location was represented.

Sp_o_o_n has also previously made maps of the Great Lakes shared between Canada and the United States, Sicily, and Veneto. It’s currently unclear why the Reddit user chooses such different parts of the globe to recreate using the World of Warcraft Outlands map design, but they may be working through their favorite locations before working on some that are connected such as Scotland and Wales. Other World of Warcraft fans have created similar maps to Sp_o_o_n’s such as Oregon, Michigan, Washington, and a variety of other states.

World of Warcraft is available right now for Mac and PC.

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