Work From Home: Does Your Data Get Finished Quickly? Here is the solution

Most of you will be work from home. Apart from the laptop, there are two major requirements like the internet and electricity for working from home. You have control over electricity, which means the inverter can help you in case of problems, but you have no control over the Internet. If you are also one of those whose data runs out soon then this news is for you. In this report, we will tell about the tips to save the data from the end soon and some good plans for Jio.

Work From Home

If you are working from home and the data is running out quickly, first go to the settings of the laptop and stop the system update completely. After this, clear the history of Google Chrome or other browsers after finishing the work every day. If your work is for content or data entry, then on an average you will spend 1 GB of data per day. You need to think when it costs more than that

The third task is to turn off auto-play videos in your social media account. You can do this by going to the settings of Google Chrome and social media accounts. If possible, do not use Facebook during work on a laptop. The fourth task is to open the task manager of your laptop and see what is going on in your system by clicking on all the tasks that are not needed and clicking on the end task and closing it. After adopting all these methods, you will find yourself that your data expenditure is starting to be lower than before.

Reliance Jio has a pre-paid plan for Work from Home priced at Rs 2,399. Its validity is 365 days and it will get 2 GB of data daily. Apart from this, unlimited calling and messaging will be available on all networks. Also, subscriptions to Jio apps will also be available.

If you want only a data plan, then Jio also has many other data plans in which only the data is available and the validity of the existing plan remains. In Jio’s 151 rupees data plan, 30 GB data is available, while Rs 201 offers 40 GB and 251 rupees 50 GB data.

Jio has a plan of Rs 999 in which 3GB data is available daily for 84 days. If seen, this is the best work from home plan. In this plan, you get 3000 minutes for calling on other networks, while Jio’s network has free calling. Jio plans are better than Airtel or Vodafone when working from home, because Jio costs less bandwidth, while others do not.

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