Why Bamboo Handle Bags Are the Only Thing You Need to Wear this Season

Photographed by Bailey Lachlan, Vogue, October 2011

The bamboo handle bag occupies a special chapter in fashion history. Perhaps most memorably beginning in 1947 when Gucci introduced its bamboo collection as a solution to leather shortages at the time. The house imported the material from Japan and designed it into handles for bags—lending a durable and unique element to the accessory. Fast forward over 70 years, and it continues to elicit a distinct feeling of uniqueness.

For 2022, a swath of designers have incorporated the bamboo handle into their accessory collections, with standout options coming from Loewe, Jil Sander, and of course, Gucci. It’s also found its way into boutique brands that feel particularly well-suited for the summer months, like a raffia purse from Cult Gaia and a crochet tote from La Milanesa. Ahead, shop the season’s 20 best bamboo bags you can carry now and all year round.

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