While work from home the laptop has become hot, so do it immediately

During the lockdown most people are doing office work from their home. Many a time, the laptop gets over heat due to excessive use, which increases the likelihood of its deterioration. But if some things are taken care of, the laptop can be saved from over heat. So let us know about those things in detail…

Do not use a laptop in case of CPU fan malfunction

Never use wet cloth to wipe electronic devices. If the CPU fan of the laptop is not working, keep in mind that it does not use it for long. If you do that, it may have an over-heating problem. Cooling kit is better option if the laptop has become outdated, it should not be used for too long. Because it can heat the laptop quickly.

Additional cooling kits are a better option.

Always buy laptop fans according to the texture of your laptop. If the battery is heating up even after the cooling kit, change the battery. Frequent charger in laptops also leads to over-heating problems.

Keep the laptop on the flat surface

Most laptops take air from the bottom for cooling. If you put the laptop on a pillow or blanket, the laptop does not have air ventilation properly. If the laptop is placed on a flat surface, the chances of its over heat are slightly reduced. By placing a laptop on a cooling mat instead of a cooling kit, the problem will also be reduced to a great extent. If you don’t want to take a cooling mat, use the laptop on a hard surface. If you run a laptop on the bed, place a book or square piece of wood beneath it, giving enough air to the CPU fan.

Clean the laptop

Non-cleaning of the laptop causes dust to accumulate in its airflow, which causes it to overheat. So the laptop should be cleaned regularly every two to three days. This will not heat up your laptop and will work more days.

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