WhatsApp OTP Scam: 5 Things That Are Important For You, You Will Avoid Being Hacked

WhatsApp OTP Scam

WhatsApp has become the biggest and popular communication platform today and it is well known that people have the most black eye on what is popular. Hackers are now eyeing WhatsApp as well. Every day new frauds are surfacing about WhatsApp. Now a new kind of scam has started on WhatsApp, through which only your friends can hack your WhatsApp account. Let’s know in detail about WhatsApp OTP Scam.

The scammers first send you a message in the name of a friend claiming that your friend is in trouble. Many times these hackers can send messages from your friend’s number only.

After this, as soon as you start talking to him, after that the hacker will send you a message asking for OTP. The hacker will tell you that he has sent the message by mistake to your number, please forward it, but the truth is that the hacker wants to hack your account through OTP.

As soon as you tell OTP, WhatsApp is turned on in the hacker’s phone with your number. Actually, to install WhatsApp on a new device, an OTP has required which the hacker asks for from you. 

After this, you have a WhatsApp account in the possession of a hacker. Now the hacker sends messages to your friends and family from your number, asking them for money and making many frauds like blackmail. 

So the only way to avoid such scams is not to share OTP with anyone and turn on Two Factor Authentication in WhatsApp. After this, in addition to OTP, a code will be needed which is only with you.

WhatsApp OTP Scam WhatsApp OTP Scam

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