what is Deepfake technology? Your Face or Voice can be Swapped or Hacked.

Deepfake technology is being used fast these days from movies to social media apps. If care is not taken about this then it can be quite difficult. What Deepfake is important for you to know.

Story Highlights

  • If social media companies have not tightened their grip on Deepfake now, it could be dangerous.
  • Through Deepfake, the real video is reproduced in such a way that it looks real in the eyes.
  • Deepfake Artificial Intelligence is based and is also used in films.

A video has been going viral on social media for the past few days. In this video, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh are seen.

The video has three windows, in the middle is Xi Jinping and a Bollywood song is playing in the background. All three are seen lip-smacking on that song. It is seen that it is edited and fake, there are no two opinions about it.

We told about this video so that you can explain what Deepfake (Deep Fake) is and how fake news and false information are made viral by using it.

Deepfake technology-based Reface app is becoming popular

The Reface AI app associated with Deepfake is also going viral these days. Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda has also swapped his face with this app.

This app first takes your photo, after which it analyzes the facial features and swaps your face with the face of celebrity videos. This is also an example of a deep throw.

Deep fake based video is going viral

What is Deepfake technology?

Today we will also tell you how Deepfake is used and what technology is used in it.

From the top Deepfake Artists and Computer Scientists we have tried to know how it works ..

We have a conversation with American computer scientist and Pinscreen Founder and CEO Hao Li about Deepfake.

Hao Lee has worked in facial tracking and hair digitization for visual effects in many Hollywood films including Furious 7 and The Hobbit.

According to Hao Li, if a person wants to replace someone else’s face in their own video, then the image of both of their faces needs a lot more. With this, different poses, expressions, and lighting conditions are also required. By collecting such data, they have to train through deep neural networks. Top Deepfake Artist and Computer Scientist Hao Li

Deepfake technology is catching pace

Deepfake is not new, but it is slowly catching up and Deepfake content on social media is growing rapidly. Social media and internet companies will have to think of ways to tighten the screws from now on, or once it has gone to its peak, then it can be very difficult to clamp down on it.

Deepfake technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) is based

Experts all over the world have different opinions about AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence. Some believe that this will benefit the world, but some say that it is dangerous for humanity.

The example of dynamite fits right here. Because dynamite was introduced for controlled exploration, but now it is also used for noise.

In making deepfake, we have to collect enough data of source and target person so that it can train deep neural networks for some time. Generally, good results can be found by acquiring some video clips of the target or by collecting thousands of images. Top Deepfake Artist and Computer Scientist Hao Li

In the same way, you can also understand Artificial Intelligence. Because AI is a very useful thing and it can make people’s life easier.

Nicole Cage faces Alon Musk’s head – Deepfake

You will also understand fake, real, can easily cheat ..

However, let’s talk about Deepfake’s Artificial Intelligence-based. In this, any picture, video, and audio can be manipulated or manipulated to make it completely different. Deep Word in Deep Fake is derived from Deep Learning, which is a part of Artificial Intelligence.

By taking the speech of a leader or celebrity, the entire speech can be changed through Artificial Intelligence based tool. You will feel that the speech is real, but you will get confused.

For this, the speech given by that leader is collected at different places after reading the face and gestures. After this, it is treated with an Artificial Intelligence-based tool.

Taking the voice of the leader or celebrity, he is divided into different parts and then he is lip-synced to give the context according to his own. It seems that the leader or celebrity is saying what you are seeing in their speech.

Deepfake technology is also used in films

Deepfake technology has been used in films for a long time. For example, after the death of Fast and Furious actor Paul Water, his film’s brother Paul’s brother was cast. But Deepfake made his face and voice exactly like that of Paul Walker.

Even before and even today, Deepfake technology is used in many places in films, especially it is more prevalent in Hollywood films.

A – Real, Deepfake after C-Face Swap (Photo Courtesy: Hao Li)

What are the technical aspects of Deepfake technology?

Machine learning is a branch or part of artificial intelligence. It is used to make deepfake videos or photos.

For this, generative adversarial network ie. GAN is used to adapt people’s gestures, expressions, manner of speech and style.

Usually what you watch in Deepfake technology videos is based on a deep neural network that is a part of AI itself. It actually extracts different patterns from a lot of data. Data means the face of a person, his speech, and his body language.

A neural network structure called Autoencoder is used to create deepfake. Autoencoder has two parts – encoder and decoder.

Source: Deepfakes / Wikipedia

Autoencoder – Encoder and Decoder

The encoder breaks the image into small data and translates it into compression. The job of the decoder is to make this broken or compressed data original again.

Autoencoder can create new images in addition to compression and decompression, from fetching sounds to eye movements, from eyebrows to the smallest details.

Now experts who prepare deep fake can use it to create fake videos, photos, and speech of any person and spread confusion. These types of apps and software are also becoming popular these days.

Its trend in social media apps and mobile phones too ..

These days, from Snapchat, Insta, Facebook to every smartphone that you see Artificial Intelligence best beautification feature in selfie camera, this is also an example of DeepFac. Because what does not look like and easily fooling people from here can also be done.

In the sequel, we will tell you about the dangers of Deepfake technology. Along with this, we will also explain how you can identify the deep fake and what are the tools related to it. Along with this, we will also show how you can prepare Deepfake technology.

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