What is Covid-19 XE variant of Omicron? Check details here

Here is all you need to know about the Covid-19 XE variant of Omicron and its symptoms in India.


  • The XE variant is called the ‘recombinant’ and has mutations present in BA.1 and BA.2 varieties of Omicron.
  • Recombinant variants are not common but have mutated characteristics.
  • The mutations multiplied at a higher level by spreading the infections beyond boundaries.
  • The variants under Omicron were known as BA.1 and BA.2.
  • The BA.3 variant was spreading with fewer infections detected in humans.
  • The BA.1 sub-variant caused infections in the maximum individuals whereas BA.2 was one of the dominant variants during the third wave of Covid-19.
  • Since BA.2 was not that infectious, it had around 94 percent Omicron infections during the last month.
  • And BA.1 variants had completely declined during that phase.


  • Mild symptoms spread faster because of being the newest variant.
  • Symptoms may include fever, sore throat, scratchy throat, cough and cold, skin irritation and discolouration, gastrointestinal distress, etc.
  • Vaccination helps in providing status and immunity by decreasing the Covid-19 infections from person to person.
  • Critical patients with acute diseases might get severe symptoms like heart ailments, palpitations, and sometimes the virus can also cause severe nerve diseases.
  • The initial symptoms will be fatigue, dizziness followed by headaches, sore throat, muscle soreness, and fever.
  • But the symptoms of smell and taste are rarely reported on the new Omicron variants.

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