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Perhaps a more appropriate title for author Mark Leibovich’s new book, “This Town,” would be “Mad Money,” as he makes clear that our nation’s capital is all about wealth and power and little else. While the rest of the country suffered a recession, Washington’s unemployment rate was among the lowest in the country and the city became a money-making engine for its residents, which is unusual for a city without major industry (politically separate and press). Leibovich is the chief national correspondent for “The New York Times Magazine”. Although I was initially skeptical of the author’s intentions, he has indeed done the nation a great service by explaining what is wrong with politics at the Capitol.

From a journalist’s perspective, Leibovich reveals the true culture of DC, where an incestuous relationship exists between the government, journalists and lobbyists. Everyone scratches each other’s backs to climb their respective totem poles and grab as much money as possible along the way. He presented a picture of collusion. He makes it clear that Washington does not exist to solve the country’s problems, but to fill the pockets of its residents. From this point of view, we shouldn’t be surprised by how widespread the problem really is. Whether you’re a government official, a lobbyist or a member of the press, it’s all about earning money and taking control of the system. All three parties need love to hurt their egos, lots of it, and see themselves as celebrities on the same level as Hollywood (or higher), which explains why they do so well. See you. Climbing the tree of power, he is so consumed that he has lost sight of why he was sent to Washington.

Propaganda and the press play an important role in Washington, not so much in representing the interests of the nation but for government officials who spend much of their time on re-election in opposition to the administration or regime. It is not so important to report what has been achieved in Washington, but who said what about whom, of course, is a sign of an irresponsible sensationalist press. Instead of a 24-hour news cycle, journalists today make active use of social media (for example, tweeting, blogging, Facebook, etc.) to quickly report anything trivial. Through Leibovich, we begin to see how the media views itself as elitist and the American public as cattle. He is above all. They are great sinners, thugs, love their talents, and that’s where their Achilles heel is. They have no true perception of reality, no morals, only how funny and politically correct they can be and which they can either make up or take down in Washington. If that’s not “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”, then I don’t know what is.

Wandering for the media, politicians do the same and focus on the masks, not the essence. They focus only on topics that form fodder for the press, not topics that can help the American public, such as balancing the federal budget. Being fully aware of its power, a sense of fraud has arisen in the press. Leibovich himself often refers to the press as “the Mob” and journalists as “sensible dudes”. Understand this, much of the political rhetoric, especially arising from Washington during the 2012 presidential campaign, is by Millennials trying to make a name for themselves, not seasoned journalists.

Before his 2008 election, Barack Obama promised to be the most transparent president ever, one where lobbyists would have no sway and the administration would come forward with all relevant news, facts and figures. Even Leibovich admits that this did not happen at all, rather, lobbyist influence continued to grow unabated and the administration became more secretive with the press. He also revealed, both political parties have secret “opposition files” that are used to defame politicians, reminiscent of those held by J. Edgar Hoover.

Through the book, Leibovich slips and reveals the democratic bias of the press. Despite President Obama’s problems, he can do nothing wrong in the eyes of the mainstream media. In his eyes, the President is innocent of everything and has indeed been the most brilliant President ever. It has only been overtaken by the media’s love affair with Clinton. For some unknown reason, they are completely infatuated with Hillary as well as her husband. Through the book it becomes clear what the press will work for in 2016.

Republicans, on the other hand, are held in contempt and portrayed as fools, especially by Leibovich. Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are favorite targets, perhaps because the press is most threatened by them. Conservatives are dismissed outright without hearing their side of the story. During the 2012 presidential election, Leibovich consistently referred to “Romney-bots”, implying that Romney supporters are unconcerned and unaware of how the country is run. Then, we see that the press “knows better” than the public. Throughout the campaign, the press focused on what Governor Romney said, contrary to the president’s track record.

Leibovitch is also a shameless name dropper, providing the “Who’s Who” of Washington, D.C., and in doing so, reveals the identity of the left-handed liberal in the media, particularly within NBC and its affiliate MSNBC. Prominently Mentioned: Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory, Tom Brokaw, Savannah Guthrie, Chris Matthews, and many others. The book begins with the funeral of Tim Russert, the appointed “mayor” of “This Town”. Remarkably, Leibovich has little to say about Fox News and conservative talk radio.

If the book teaches us anything, it’s that the system is broken and in need of major repairs. The only way to fix it is to stop the flow of money somehow. This can be done in a number of ways, such as limiting tenure for politicians, preventing politicians and their aides from joining lobbyists, limiting campaign spending, or splitting 50/50 of all campaign spending between the media and charities. is required, or to pay off federal debt .

It’s an important book that everyone should read, not necessarily for its entertainment value, but as confirmation of the mess we’re in. As you read Leibovich’s book, you may not like what he has to say or how he says it, but he’s actually done an important public service: our understanding of what’s wrong in Washington, D.C. confirming the belief.

Source by Tim Bryce

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