An interesting Genshin Impact video features popular character Xiao gliding over the Dunyu Ruins while being in a swimming animation.

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Exploration is one of the game’s main draws and adding a new region to explore is certainly one of the most exciting things for most casual Genshin Impact players. The last couple of updates have brought the long-awaited Inazuma islands, and it seems as though miHoYo is not planning to stop adding more terrain any time soon.

Even though developer miHoYo keeps adding new explorable terrain with every other Genshin Impact update, players are still enjoying running around the fan-favorite Liyue region where they can occassionally find weird glitches more often than not.


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It’s safe to say that Genshin Impact glitches aren’t a rare occurrence considering the vast explorable area that the world of Teyvat offers. A recent post on the official Genshin Impact subreddit reveals an interesting video featuring two characters, Hu Tao and Xiao gliding above on the wind current in Dunyu Ruins. While Hu Tao’s model behaves completely normal, Xiao on the other hand seems to be stuck in a swimming animation while being elevated by the wind current.

This occurrence seems quite symbolic considering that the Dunyu Ruins were originally filled with water that disappears once a nearby puzzle is solved. Many fans are speculating about what causes this weird animation. One of suggestion claims that it’s possible that this interaction is triggered if a player in co-op mode swims in the lake while another player solves the puzzle.

Xiao has seen an incrase in popularity since his second apperace in the most recent double banner re-run which arrived in update 2.4. Xiao is one of the strongest DPS characters in Genshin Impact at the moment, on par with Ganyu and Hu Tao. Even though he’s paired with the new character Shenhe on the current banner cycle, many players still choose to spend their Primogems to finally aquire Xiao and build up his constellations.s

When it comes to aquiring his constellations, players usually go all-in with their Primogems. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that a small investment for Xiao’s copies is hardly worth it. His first four contellations provide a utilty boost, but his damage stays fairly the same. However, his last constellation, Conqueror Of Evil: Guardian Yaksha, is one of the strongest in the game right now allows him to gain additional Elemental Skill charges while using his Plunging attack during the Burst duration.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is currently in development with no confirmed release date.

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