Want to study, but are unable to keep away from mobile; Counselor said – Do not stress, keep positive thinking

Hi, Friends Welcome to MasterjiTips Exams are near, in such a way that children want to study, but the mobile is not able to get out of their hands. They are unable to distance themselves from him despite repeated attempts. Only children themselves believe this. As the time of examinations draws closer, there is also increasing anxiety and tension among them. They are also forgetting what they have read due to stress and nervousness. By calling toll free number 1800 11 8004 issued by CBSE, he has stated his trouble. Though counselors are advising them not to take stress, keep positive thinking.

Want to study keep away from mobile

Actually, on February 2, CBSE released a troll free number to remove the problems of students and parents. 200 people from all over the country have called on these numbers in eight days. Most calls have come from Bihar. UP is second in calling. Counselor Meena Sharma told that the children want to study but are unable to distance themselves from the mobile. Often mobiles are so busy that they do not know the time. Because of this, they are not able to fully focus on studies.

Meena Sharma told that there is panic inside the children Want to study. Students of 12th are more stressed about Maths and Physics. About 69 children out of 200 asked what to do in Math and Physics. They read and remember but are forgetting it. While the 10th children are having more difficulty in the computer. Seeing this problem of children, counselors are advising them not to take the stress. Keep the screen positive and change the thought process. Complete the course, I will do what comes and will be done … Think like this.

Counselors also provided tips

  • Do not panic at the time of examination, reading not worrying will work.
  • Take stress positive if Want to study
  • Revise as much as is being made.
  • If you are forgetting, repeat it again and again.

65 counselors from India, 22 for foreign schools

CBSE is answering questions from students and parents from 8 am to 10 pm via live tele counseling. The 95 Principal and Trend Counselors selected by CBSE are engaged in solving psychological problems of students and parents. This service of CBSE has added 87 counselors. There will be 65 counselors from India, 22 counselors for schools abroad and 2 counselors special educators. Helpline number will be available to students till March 30, 2020.

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