January 2022: The 2009 settlement was unsealed, and it did not specifically name Prince Andrew as a beneficiary of the agreement. However, his lawyers argue that he is among “other potential defendants” cited in the document.

FILE PHOTO: Britain's Prince Andrew leaves St. Mary the Virgin church in Hillington, near royal Sandringham estate, in Norfolk, Britain January 19, 2020. REUTERS/Chris Radburn

The settlement was unsealed Monday.


The $500,000 settlement was unsealed on January 3 and did not specifically name the prince as a beneficiary of the agreement.

As part of the 2009 settlement, Giuffre agreed to release Epstein and “other potential defendants,” defined as “second parties” — which appears to be a reference to Epstein’s legal team and employees — from any other civil lawsuits. Family members, tax services, government subpoenas, and anyone else who might have access to the settlement were the only “third parties” mentioned, as Insider’s Shamsian reported.

Although the document does not explicitly name Prince Andrew, “royalty,” or anyone else as “other potential defendants,” the Duke of York’s attorneys have argued that he falls into that category. 

“To avoid being dragged into future legal disputes, Epstein negotiated for this broad release, insisting that it cover any and all persons who Giuffre identified as potential targets of future lawsuits, regardless of the merit — or lack thereof — to any such claims,” Andrew’s attorneys wrote in an October court filing asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit. “Epstein’s former attorney, Alan Dershowitz, and Prince Andrew are axiomatically among the releases in that 2009 settlement agreement.”

As Shamsian reported, Brettler, an attorney for Prince Andrew, told Insider his team contends that the duke is among the “other potential defendants,” “as evidenced by the allegations in Ms. Giuffre’s 2009 Complaint against Epstein that specifically mentions ‘royalty’ as one of the categories of persons who allegedly abused her.”

Legal experts Insider spoke to on January 3 said that the settlement may help Prince Andrew get Giuffre’s case dismissed, but it will depend on how a judge interprets the language of the settlement.

Buckingham Palace and representatives for the Duke of York did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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