Using technology to help your child with autism

Technology has permeated almost all areas of our lives. Today there are many smart phone apps that help us to make messaging easier, better and faster. But how do individuals with autism spectrum disorder communicate or express their desires? Although it seemed impossible at first, the Good Samaritans in the tech industry came up with autism learning apps like “Math on the Farm” and “Make Sentence” that address behavioral health issues. Buoyed by the success of “Math on the Farm” and “Make Sentence” autism learning apps, many other companies have come up with their own products.

give voice to your baby

Customizable “Math on the Farm” and “Make Sentence” autism learning apps help your child translate their thoughts into speech by voicing their thoughts through the system. These two apps take advantage of the picture icon on the device. Icons cause sound output when touched. Touch screen interfaces can be customized to suit the needs of each child. Images related to words, as well as the most frequently used phrases, can be fed into the device. When a child types a word or a string of words, a voice output enables autistic children to identify words.

You can also personalize the experience by recording your own voice. As the autistic child develops, he or she may want to speak a newly acquired particular phrase. In such cases, autistic children just need to launch the learning app, add or record a message associated with a particular image and the device will start reading aloud.

learn basic skills

Autism learning apps go a long way in helping your child learn language and other skills. These apps can be used to teach classification, math, daily living skills and even community safety lessons.

It is also important to consider how you want to teach autistic children to generalize what they have learned from autism learning apps and respond to natural environmental cues. They should not depend on autism learning apps in later life.

Quick access to social stories

Short animations that depict different types of social skills and also offer lessons on social behavior are another area in the field of autism apps. Prior to this, the content in a new social story or lesson required the use of books and magazines. But now, “Math on the Farm” and “Make Sentence” autism learning apps can be connected directly to the Internet. All the training material can be downloaded without any hassle.

Source by Kevin Carter

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