Useful Tips for Attending Autograph Signing

* Bring items to sign

  • Bring your own pen – Always bring the type of pen you wish to sign on, usually a black/blue sharpie or a black/blue ballpoint pen. Pens will be readily available for players to sign at all sporting events; However, many times the ink will run out. If you let players borrow your pen, you never know what good will come out of it. (Thanks to Laura for this tip)

  • Bring water and snacks (note that at many fanfests and conventions, they don’t allow bringing in either), but if you’re going caravan, at least bring water and something to eat

  • Bring an iPod/MP3 player – At these events, you’ll want to keep yourself busy. Yes, you can talk, but you can only talk for so long. Sometimes you just want to listen to some music.

  • Bring a family member and/or friends – Most of the time, autographs are one per person, but if you bring a friend or family member, you may be different. It may not help that much with friends, but it will certainly help if the memorabilia stays in the family.

  • Bring a backpack to store your baseball memorabilia such as trading cards you want to sign, baseballs, mini helmets, hockey pucks, etc.

  • Bring money – at many of these fanfests, conventions and caravans, they have tables with dealers who sell trading cards, signed and unsigned memorabilia, among other things

  • Get there early – Some fanfests and conventions have strict policies on when you can start lining up, some don’t and actually require you to be in line to get autograph tickets. Caravan is an entirely different beast in that most Caravans offer free autographs for players who are not only up-and-coming, but superstar players. For caravans, it is highly recommended that you get there at least 2 hours in advance and start waiting in line.

  • Wear comfy…everything. You will be waiting in line either way.

  • Bring a seat or bucket – if you don’t care what others think of you.

  • Bring a Camera – If you bring a camera, you’re guaranteed at least one picture.

* Scout the local bars and lobbies before and after the event as the fanfest or convention usually takes place at a hotel.

Source by Nicholas Shin

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