UPDATING A BANK ACCOUNT: Due to the corona epidemic, you are not able to go anywhere. So, most of the work is done online. However, what to do if the bank account registered mobile number needs to be updated or changed online without going to the bank?. Don’t worry, in terms of current technology, changing your registered mobile number can be done very simply online. You can easily change and register your registered mobile number online without going to the bank. Updating a bank account registered mobile number online is very simple.

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If you want to do this through your internet banking through the first method, you can easily do this by selecting the following steps.

  1. For this you first need to go to the online banking website
  2. In addition, you need to login to your online SBA account
  3. Now a new page will open, where you need to click on Account and Profile
  4. Now you need to go for drop down and profile click
  5. After this another new page will open where you need to click on Personal Details / Mobile
  6. When a new page opens for your personal details, you will need to enter your profile password and continue
  7. As soon as you submit the password, you will see your name, email id and registered mobile number
  8. Now enter the mobile number you want to change here.
  9. However, first you will receive an OTP, where you will need to enter this OTP, after which you will see the change of your mobile number
  10. Your new mobile number will be registered soon.

Also, you can also get your registered mobile number from the ATM machine

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