Top 10 Horse Racing Sites

For the horse racing enthusiast or anyone new to the sport, I offer my top ten horse racing web sites. The list does not include betting platforms, pure handicap sites or blogs. These horse racing sites revolve around sports-related news, provide an interactive experience, and/or offer participation in competitions. drum roll please.

1) Road to the Roses ( The site usually starts from the middle of each given year to the end of February and runs through the first Saturday of May. You know what day it is; Kentucky Derby. This is a great interactive site where you gather your horses on their way for the most exciting two minutes in the game. Thousands of people participate every year hoping to win valuable prizes.

2) Horse Racing Nation ( This is a relatively new site. This is a great site that gives you the opportunity to design your own silks. As a participant on this site you are allowed to demonstrate your handicap skills as well as comment on the selection of other participants. The site has news, links to some of the best blogs, videos of major races, and other valuable information. These people are doing it right!

3) Daily Racing Form ( Online edition of the oldest horse racing publication in North America. It includes the best news and handicap information. Drf publishes entries and results for all breed and Quarter Horse races in North America. An amazing feature is “Race of the Day” where you can download past performances for free. Offers all kinds of handicap information from books to race cards for sale. Beautiful site with a wealth of information.

4) Case the Race ( great site. There is an amazing free contest that gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of pre-set races. It gives you a contest score and won virtual money with its own metrics. Then it ranks among the other participants in the competition. For each race it gives you your power ranking based on a proprietary scientific formula. Other handicaps around the country offer their picks for Saturday’s race. This is a pleasant site. I add this to the list because of the interactive contest.

5) Blood Horse ( Great information filled site. It includes all kinds of video shows about trainers, jockeys and horses. Also provides video for “That Handicapping Show” which is always very informative. Great news of information on all types of horse racing business.

6) National Thoroughbred Racing Association ( They have a very well made website. It contains a lot of news and information about the game. Contains links to other sites containing contests and other promotional items. Its key component is the stakes schedule which allows users to access past performances for at least one stake race on the weekend.

7) A simple site that provides disability information on a subscription basis. I include it here because it has a “Race of the Day” contest where it provides free past performances that you can handicap and then make your pick for the contest. It is currently running a contest whereby you get one entry for each “race of the day” selection. The winner receives tickets to the Kentucky Derby in May 2010.

8) This is an e-commerce site with all kinds of great gifts for the horse lover you know. It also has links to all kinds of horse products. I’m including it here because it has an important element for all disabled people; An exotics calculator. You simply plug in your choice and it shows you how much the ticket will cost. This is especially important when you’re putting together a complicated ten percent superfecta ticket.

9) You’ll need to mouse over “All Sports” for the drop down menu, then click “Horse Racing”. News is more or less a rehash from other sites, but they have some really good columnists who can provide valuable insight. There are also links to other sites and betting platforms. They have a tendency to update poorly.

10) You have to mouse over the “More” button for the drop down menu, then click “Horse Racing”. There is a message board where you can chat with other fans on horse racing. It contains some links to other sites. It seems like sport is an idea for them.

When you have time, please noodle around one or all of these sites. I am sure you will find them both informative and entertaining.

Source by Keith Mazikowski

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