Today’s ‘Heardle’ Answer And Clues For Saturday, May 14

Welcome to the weekend! It’s time for another game of Heardle. If you need them, some clues and the answer to today’s song are just ahead.

If you haven’t played Heardle before, here’s how it works: You get six guesses to figure out the artist and title of a song. Get it wrong or skip, and you’ll hear a little more of the intro, up to 16 seconds for the final guess.

Songs from the last few days have included:

If today’s Heardle has got you scratching your chin, hopefully these clues will help:

  1. This is listed as a pop-rock song on Wikipedia.
  2. It was released in 2000.
  3. This song didn’t chart in the U.S., but it reached number seven in the UK and the top ten in Ireland, Spain and Belgium.
  4. This is a cover of a 1972 song by a band called King Harvest.

Still haven’t got it? Not to worry. Here’s the answer…

Heardle Answer For May 14

There’s no way I wasn’t going to get this one on the first guess. In my first grocery store job as a kid, this played approximately once per hour on the radio for months. It’s embedded in my soul, for better or worse. It’s a pretty good song, but I got more than sick of it for a while.

You can listen to the full song below:

For the sake of comparison, here’s what King Harvest’s jazzier original version sounds like:

Hope you enjoy your Saturday! If you have some trouble with Sunday’s Heardle, come on back to my blog for some clues and the answer.

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