This trick to auto-lock your smartphone without touching it

Forget your smartphone at home, in the living room? However, by using this little feature, you can auto-lock them when you are not around!

The most common method we use to secure data on a smartphone or PC is to set up a screen lock. However, in some cases, we forget to lock them in our room or office. In such cases, you can arrange for your gadgets to secure on their own without being used.

This feature is present not only in Android but also in Windows operating system. It works by making sure that you use the location and the gadget connected to it. It will automatically lock if you know it is not. It can be set up very quickly, either on a smartphone or on a PC. Please read the full article to learn how to activate it.

Via Bluetooth on Windows

You will need a Bluetooth-enabled device such as wireless headphones, speakers, or a smartphone to use the Auto-Lock feature in Windows. Because connecting a Bluetooth device that you always have with you to your PC can automatically lock your PC when you are not around. But do not forget that the device you are pairing with should always be with you.

Activate like this

  1. Open Bluetooth in your PC or laptop settings.
  2. If Bluetooth is already online, click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new Bluetooth device
  3. Add a new Bluetooth device based on the instructions found there.
  4. After completing the pairing, click on the Accounts option in Settings. Then click on the sign-in option in the left panel.
  5. Detect when you are away in the Dynamic Lock section and grant permissions to lock your laptop or PC automatically.

Lock when not around

The system automatically locks itself whenever Windows fails to detect your smartphone or connected Bluetooth device. It works through Dynamic Lock feature, Bluetooth. So your laptop or computer will be unlocked as long as the Bluetooth device is within range. If this device goes beyond the system range, it will be locked automatically.

In a different vein on Android

In Android, this feature is called Smart Lock. Like Windows Dynamic Lock, it unlocks your phone not only via Bluetooth but also based on body detection and location. It means that the way you use the phone, your smartphone will automatically detect your body movements and lock itself when you go to someone else. Activate this feature to keep information on your phone safe.

How to activate auto-lock smartphone

  1. Open Settings on your smartphone and click on Security or Security and Location option.
  2. Now select the Smart Lock option and enter your gadget password, PIN, or pattern.
  3. Select Trusted Gadgets here and then add the gadget you want there.
  4. Select the device you wish to use.

It’s like an auto-lock enabled on your smartphone!

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