The symptoms of corona

Corona is creating fear among the masses. The symptoms of corona can be divided in six parts. The first kind of symptoms of corona are fever, cough, problem in throat and headache. The second kind of symptom of corona is mild Nimonia. In Nimonia, there is difficulty in breathing or very fast breathing. People start coughing. Such symptoms are mostly observed in children. The third kind of symptom of corona is serious Nimonia.

Fever and breathing problem is seen in such condition. Fast coughing and body pain is also observed. The fourth kind of symptom of corona is acute respiratory distress syndrome. The fifth kind of symptom of corona is sepsis. In this condition,the working of body parts gets affected. Mental balance gets affected. There is difficulty in breathing. People start shivering with cold. The sixth kind of symptom of corona is septic shock. In such condition hypotension is observed.

Covid-19 spreads when a person infected by covid-19 sneezes or coughs. The droplets spread in the air or drop on the floor. Afterwards some person comes in contact with these droplets . When such person touches his mouth,nose or ears, the infection of covid -19 spreads. So, it is necessary to stay 1 metre away from the person who sneezes or coughs.

80 percent people do not need any medical treatment . They get cured by getting isolated on their own. There is a need to take 20 percent of patients of covid-19 to the ICU.

Those people have high probability of getting infected by covid-19 who live with covid-19 patient under the same roof. Symptoms of covid-19 may be seen in such patients in 14 days.

It is truth that most of young people with good health will not get severely affected by covid-19 but it is more harmful than normal flu. Especially those young health workers will get affected who are treating covid-19 patients. Youth should give knowledge of symptoms to doctors in time and practice isolation. By doing this,they will help in reducing the spread of covid-19 and protect the health of many people.

The teams of scientists of whole world are trying to create a vaccine for Covid-19, but it may take one year to develop good vaccine without side effects.

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