The smartphone is drenched in water, so do it immediately

The rainy season has begun. Most people use umbrellas or raincoat to avoid being soaked. But sometimes it happens that people forget to take the umbrella or raincoat in haste and get drenched. The smartphone is also drenched. If your smartphone is too drenched in rain, there is no need to bother. Today, we are going to give you tips through which you will be able to fix your soaked phone. Let us know.

Turn off the smartphone after falling into the water

If your phone is drenched in rain and is getting on, first turn it off. Do not try to turn on again and again. This will not threaten the short circuit in the phone. The smartphone will not be too bad.

Dry the smartphone with a hair dryer

Remove the battery, memory card and SIM card comfortably after the phone is soaked. If the phone has a non-removable battery, it will be prone to short circuits. Now dry the phone under the fan or with a hair dryer…. Wipe the water in the phone with a clean cloth or paper napkin.

Put the smartphone in rice

If you do not have a hair dryer, put the phone in dried rice, but take care not to run rice in the headphone jack. Leave the phone to dry for at least 24 hours.

Turn the entire smartphone on again when you dry

After the smartphone is completely dried, turn it on again. If the phone is not on, apply in charging and even after that, go to a mobile repair shop. Or go directly to the service centre and repair the phone.

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