The Pink Stuff Cleaner Review 2022

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  • The Pink Stuff has impressed the internet as a powerful, all-natural cleanser.
  • After testing it on multiple surfaces, Insider can confidently recommend adding it to your cart
  • It restored the shine to my stainless steel pans, but wasn’t as effective on enamel cookware. 

Insider has put Tik Tok’s beloved Pink Stuff to the test on kitchen appliances, sneakers, and several household surfaces. After the cleanser brought my scuffed Adidas back to life, I was inspired to try it on more stubborn stains: in particular, a stainless steel pan that had seen better days thanks to overuse and “I’ll clean it tomorrow” procrastination. Since The Pink Stuff is all-natural, I felt comfortable using it on cookware.  

The Pink Stuff revived my stainless steel cookware

Side by side images of the underside of a stainless steel pot lid, showing the smudges on one side and a cleaner version on the other side with a darkened paper towel

Lily Alig/Insider

I tackled watermarks and old smudges with The Pink Stuff. Using just a paper towel and a dab of the cleanser, I brought my stainless steel lids back to almost new. I hardly needed to scrub at all. After seeing the amount of dirt and black residue that came off the lids, I’m much more invested in cleaning them regularly.  

Nothing had worked on my burnt pan until I tried the Pink Stuff

The burnt pan needed much more force to clean – I had to use a scouring pad and apply The Pink Stuff several times. Still, I was impressed that it actually worked, removing the baked-on surface dirt. Previously, I had tried to clean this pan with powdered cleaning solutions, baking soda and vinegar, and other tricks, but nothing worked until The Pink Stuff.

It was less effective on coated cookware

Side by side of the corner of a stained, gold coated sheet pan, showing little difference before and after cleaning with The Pink Stuff

Lily Alig/Insider

I was disappointed that the cleanser didn’t do much for my gold-coated cookie sheets or ceramic pans. There were some discolored areas on both, and even with serious scrubbing, I couldn’t get the stains to fade. This leads me to think that The Pink Stuff is most effective on surface grime and dirt – if the material itself is discolored, The Pink Stuff won’t help as much.

The bottom line

The Pink Stuff is an effective cookware cleanser, especially on uncoated surfaces like stainless steel. I never thought I’d enjoy cleaning dishes, but it was so satisfying to restore the shine on my stainless steel pots and pans. 

Pros: Effective and all-natural cleanser for burnt and water-marked cookware, a small amount goes a long way

Cons: Not as effective on non-surface-level discoloration or coated materials

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