The phone will not work without your will, even if the unlocked, amazing trick

Today, we are telling you about a feature of the smartphone that you can stop anyone from peeping into the phone when you turn it on. The phone will not work without your will, even if the unlocked.

The phone will not work without your will

The specialty of Android smartphones is that it offers a lot of features and settings. There are many features that have been present in our phones for many years, but we do not even know about them. Today we are telling you about one such feature, which can prove to be of great use for smartphone users.

The feature we are talking about is Pin the Screen or Screen Pinning. The special feature of this feature is that even after unlocking the phone, no one will be able to use it without your will. This feature is available in all smartphones after the Android 5.0 version.

What is the function of this feature? (The phone will not work without your will)

Actually, through this feature, you can lock/pin any one app on the screen. After this, a lock screen password is required to move to another app. This feature can prove to be very effective when you have to give your phone to someone else. It is often seen that once people get the phone in their hands, then they start peeping in other apps as well. In such a situation, with the help of this feature, you can prevent anyone from doing this.

How to use it? (The phone will not work without your will)

  1. First of all, go to the settings of the smartphone.
  2. Now go to Security & Locations option. Advanced options will appear here.
  3. In this option, you will get the option of Screen Pinning, tap on it.
  4. If it is off, turn it on.
  5. Now open the app you want to pin, then go to the Recent Apps option.
  6. Now press Logn on the app and select the Pin option.
  7. To go back to another app, you have to press the Home and Back buttons simultaneously and use the lock screen password

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