The Movie Lover’s Guide to Dining at the Cinema Brewery

Movie lovers are an interesting group in that they really take their movie watching seriously, which can sometimes be a little intimidating if you’re just a casual movie watcher. However, the rise of the cinema brewery has given movie buffs a chance to really sink their teeth into the movie experience.

So, you might be wondering what’s so special about a cinema brewery in the first place, right? Well, it is important to know that they are also called movie grills or dine-in theatres. It really depends on the chain the theater is attached to, but ultimately you have a combination of a high quality craft beer brewery with top tier restaurant level food and a movie theater. Movie theaters, it must be emphasized, we know are “super done” from standard theater and don’t really like to think of a place that makes you excited to see movies again.

If you’re a movie lover and have your eye on visiting a cinema brewery, here’s a little guide to help you navigate some new territory. Ask yourself the following questions:

How much is involved in the movie I’ve chosen to watch? Film lovers take pride in watching an intellectual, thought provoking film that will rock the awards season. These movies are usually quite involved, so it’s possible that the movement and general activity of the servers takes away from your experience. However, rest assured that you’re working with professionals who know what the dedicated moviegoer appreciates.

Am I going to the movies alone, with a date, or with my family? – Keeping track of yourself is easy, but once you get into other people, even if it’s just one other person, your attention will split. Also, if you have taken your family for outings, you are also responsible for their children’s behavior.

Am I planning on doing anything before and after the film? – If you plan to have dinner before or after watching a movie, you probably aren’t eating at the cinema’s brewery. If you plan on having a drink with some friends later, you might not even take advantage of the on-site craft beer. If you’re missing out on a lot, you’re definitely not getting the full cinema brewery experience.

Can I stop the cynic in me from being too critical about everything? – Just because something is new doesn’t mean you should be looking for defects right off the slope. Don’t time your server or be brash about menu items you wish they had.

Can I succumb to the experience before me? – In the same vein of not being such a critic, can you really relax enough to enjoy a movie, a little nosh and an award-winning beer? If the answer is ‘yes’, good on you. It could be the beginning of something beautiful.

Cinema Brewery stands out as a gift for the movie lover who really enjoys taking in a good movie every now and then. Between advanced dining options, updates in technology, and the ability to be served restaurant-style during a movie, it’s no wonder that more people may be more inclined to take a good movie than ever before.

Source by Morris Raymond

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