now download Voter Card on your mobile

now download Voter Card on your mobile

The electronic version of the voter ID card has started. Now you can download your voter card on your mobile phone or computer. Election Commission officials said that the e-Elector Photo Identity Card is a digital version of the Electoral Photo Identity Card and can be kept safe through mediums such as Digital Locker and printed in Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Explain that the Aadhaar card, Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, and Driving License are available in digital mode. Now the voter card has also been made available in digital mode. Let us know how to download it

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Some important things

Voter card download facility in mobile will be available in two phases. In the first phase i.e. from January 25 to January 31, only new voters will be able to download the digital voter card, although their mobile number should be registered with the Election Commission for this.
In the second phase i.e. from February 1, all voters will be able to download their voter ID in the digital form, although it is mandatory to register the mobile number with the Election Commission website. If the mobile number is not registered, then you have to be registered. You can do this by visiting the Election Commission website.

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There are two ways to download a digital copy of a voter card. The first mobile app (Voter Helpline) and the second from the Election Commission website. If the phone does not have an app, download it or go to the Commission’s website and login with a mobile number or email ID.

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After login, you will see the option of Download e-EPIC. After that, you can download your voter card in PDF by entering your mobile number or voter card number. A QR code will also appear in the PDF file which can be viewed by scanning the entire detail.

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