The 6 Best Nail Stickers and Wraps in 2022

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Having your nails done is a great way to look and feel put together, but for many, it’s a luxury that’s not always attainable. Whether because of time constraints or financial concerns, a salon-quality manicure may just not be in the cards on a regular basis. However, as innovations in the nail industry grow, it’s easier than ever to get a similar result at home — and for a lot less money. 

Nail stickers, which cover the entire nail to instantly achieve the look of painted nails, are becoming more and more popular, with lots of nail brands expanding their collections to include them. There are also entire brands based solely on the concept of instant manicures, proving there’s certainly a growing demand.

Here, I tested some of the top nail sticker brands in a range of styles and price points to bring you my thoughts on each. Read on to discover your perfect instant manicure — no drying time required.

Here are the best nail stickers in 2022:

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