The 15 Best Etsy Decor Shops You Haven’t Heard of, According to Pro Designers

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I most definitely understand the phrase “too much of a good thing” when it comes to Etsy. Every time I browse the site, I discover plenty of new shops that capture my attention, whether I’m on the hunt for home accessories, a housewarming gift, artwork, or something else entirely.

As much fun as it might be, you probably don’t have the time to cull through all of Etsy in search of every fabulous seller… so my best shortcut? Asking a handful of my favorite designers where they look when they visit the site. I spoke to a total of 12 experts, who were each kind enough to share their best Etsy sourcing secrets, and now I’m paying it forward here. Happy shopping!

2. Rowe Station Woodworks

Rowe Station Woodworks is where I got the maple art ledges in our last house. I’ve worked with them on client projects, too, and they are super responsive and able to customize woods, stains, and lengths for their products.” —Designer Emily Starr Alfano, founder and creative director at mStarr Design

6. Shop Little Design Co.

“Etsy is a great place to find semi-custom items if you are in a rush or are intimidated by custom designer workrooms. I love Shop Little Design Co. for pillows and bolsters (I use these in almost every virtual project!).” —Designer Shannon Claire Smith

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