Telegram: You might not know these top 5 features of this app

After the WhatsApp privacy controversy, many users are turning to Telegram. Its popularity has increased significantly. Telegram offers very useful features. But maybe you are not aware of many features of this app. Today, we are going to tell you about many such features of Telegram.

1. Live location and proximity sensor

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Telegram users can share live location with each other like WhatsApp. But the special thing about Telegram is that both parties can also be set proximity alerts in it. These are mini alerts that will ring as soon as another user closes. For example, you can set a proximity alert for a 50-meter radius to find a friend in a mall. After this, you can find him near you.

2. Messages Silent, and Scheduling With the help of this feature,

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Users can send silent and schedule messages to the receiver. When users know that their friend or boss is in the meeting, then they can send them silent messages. Due to which the users will get the message, but the users receiving the message will not hear the message. Similarly, with a scheduled message, the user can set the time of receiving the message to his friend or relative at a particular time. This feature will prove to be very useful for those who want to wish their friend a birthday at 12 o’clock at night, but they should have some other work.

3. Edit and Replace Photos

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Have you ever happened that you sent an unedited photo to someone or forgot to highlight something in it? Or someday a completely wrong photo has gone away. In such a situation, Telegram can help you. Actually, in this app, users can edit or replace photos after sending them. Just for this, you have to long-press on the scent picture and select the edit button from the top.

4. Telegram Chat folder

Telegram allows users to create chat folders for different categories. With this, users can create separate folders for their office group, and separate folders for the family members. For this, users have to go to the settings of the app. The option of the folder will have to be selected there. After that, the users can make as many folders as they want.

5. Locating a nearby user

The Telegram app allows users to locate their nearby contacts. With this, users can quickly add any member near them to Telegram. This eliminates the hassle of saving contacts manually. Also, users can also use this feature to find and group nearby users.

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