Telegram has got some new features

Telegram has got some new features. Special auto-delete feature in these. This is similar to WhatsApp’s Disappearing Message, but it works a little differently.

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Many new features associated with Telegram, preparing to compete with WhatsApp, Auto Delete feature will be interesting and it will also be quite beneficial.
Some new features have been added to the Telegram app. These include features such as auto-delete, home widgets, and adding unlimited members to the group. Significantly, the biggest benefit of the privacy dispute of WhatsApp has reached Telegram. Its users have grown a lot in the last few weeks. It has also added many important and WhatsApp features so that users do not miss anything.

These are the new features of Telegram …

Auto-delete message

Telegram’s auto-delete message feature is similar to the disappearing message of WhatsApp. This feature allows users to set an auto-delete timer in Telegram chat. Then automatically delete the message for the receiver 24 hours or 7 days after sending.

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Auto delete message will be applicable only on messages sent by setting a timer. But to activate the timer on Android, tap Clear History in Settings. Then choose a time period. Press and hold a message for iOS. Tap Select, click on Clear Chat (top-left) to enable auto-delete.

Home screen widget

A home screen widget is being created for users to easily access Telegram. In which the chat widget shows the recent chat. While the shortcut widget only shows the name and profile photo.

With Group Link Limited Time

Telegram is working on group links that come with limited time durations. Then any invisible link can convert into a scannable QR code. You can also see which users have come from which invoice link and from where.

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Unlimited Group Members

Telegram has increased the number of members in the group to 200,000. Then Now a telegram group can have 200,000 members. With whom you can share messages, photos, videos, stickers.

Reporting spam became easy

Telegram will now make it easy for users to report spam and fake people on the messaging platform. Telegram processes the reports of millions of users every month so that the platform is not misused. But specific messages can be reported to make them more accurate. The user can also add his comments to the report.

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