Take a selfie on a smartphone? But do not make these 6 mistakes at all

Do you take photos on your smartphone? But here are six mistakes you should not make at all!

Currently, smartphone users are also using the camera extensively. According to a survey, millions of users around the world click on photos every year. Usually, we use only a few of the pictures we take on a smartphone. Because if we click on 100 photos, only 10-15 of them will come out well. For some, it is also a great thing that 10-15 is coming out well. But we are not professionals to get photography when you hold the phone! Here are six common mistakes we make in photography! You can take good photos if you are careful about these.

Do not use flash whenever possible!

Usually, when the lighting is a bit low, we use the flash more. But what we don’t know is that sometimes the light does not work as well as taking a photo using a flash. Even pictures are not natural. So it is better to use less flash when you are taking pictures in low light. The light coming through the flash should not be the primary lighting source for you. Even current budget phones can take better photos in low light. It is best to take pictures in low light conditions.

Tell it to work in manual mode!

Manual mode is now available on almost all smartphones. However, most users use automatic mode the most. This automatic mode will not fully utilize your smartphone camera capability. You can take good photos through the default settings. But if you have control over ISO, white balance, shutter speed, you can make amazing photos on your smartphone. Good pictures may not arrive as soon as they start. But once accustomed, you can take amazing photos.

Do not use digital zoom

Among the features, you should avoid in your smartphone camera is another feature similar to flash—same digital zoom. Similar to DSLR cameras, smartphone cameras do not have optical zoom. There is only a digital zoom. In other words, if you zoom in while taking photos on your smartphone, the photo quality will not be as good as it would be if it digitally zoomed. They become pixelated. So if you want to take photos of things that are far away, it is better to go close to them. Otherwise, you can zoom in a bit by editing the photo.

The lens should be kept clean

Usually, we focus on smartphones wherever we go. We keep it in our pockets, bags, on the coffee table, on the floor wherever we feel comfortable. So there is a chance of a lot of dust falling on these. If the dirt falls on the camera lens, then the photos will not come out properly. So keep your camera lens clean from time to time. A special lens cleaner for these is available in the liquid outside market. So use them.

Take a photo of how good it looks

Usually, when we take a photo of any object, we think it would be better if it were in the middle of the frame. But that is not true. To take a good photo, imagine splitting the frame with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines in the frame that appears when you open your smartphone camera. On some smartphones, those scratches come on automatically when the camera opened. Place the objects you want to photograph in the center where those lines meet. If you enable the grid option in your smartphone settings, you will see this on your smartphone.

Hold the smartphone properly

Image stabilization is not a big issue for flagship smartphones. Because expensive phones come with an optical image stabilization feature, but making this feature available on budget smartphones is a bit difficult. Also, most of us keep our hands moving while taking photos. No problem if we have a tripod, but it is complicated to carry a tripod even when going anywhere. So it is better to use the timer when taking photos and activate the options like enabling the shutter with the buttons on the sides of the phone.

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