In its new ad campaign, Sweetgreen celebrates its winter menu while attempting to apply a sunnier, healthier lens to the common perception of the chilly months.

Hibernation be damned. Winter is a time for activity and adventure. This is the overarching theme behind Sweetgreen’s new ad. Launched today, it touts the popular salad chain’s new winter menu.

Set in “Sweetgreen Resort,” a fictional and luxurious-looking ski lodge, guests — bedecked in brightly colored 60s- and 70s-style ski gear — enjoy dishes from Sweetgreen’s new winter menu. This includes offerings like its crispy chicken salad, miso bowl, and miso roasted veggies.

Sweetgreen’s aim was to reconceptualize winter as a time for action — as opposed to being a time in which one should leave the warmth of one’s bed as infrequently as possible, says Thomas Wilder, Sweetgreen’s executive creative director. “We started looking at how winter is often viewed, which is like, ultimate hibernation mode. We wanted to challenge that. During winter in [Wilder’s home state] New Hampshire you don’t really settle down and settle in in that season. It’s much more about ice skating, tobogganing, snowboarding, it’s a very active time of year. At Sweetgreen, when we’re creating these seasonal worlds, we’re trying to find out how we can touch all five senses with this campaign, and look at winter in a way that talks about the enjoyment you can get from the season.”

With this campaign, Sweetgreen — which has always positioned itself as a company and a product that can help consumers feel healthier and thereby able to enjoy life to the fullest — has set out, in its words, to “winterize salad.” That is, to portray greens as being just as desirable in the winter as they would be during any other time of the year, because winter (at least according to this new campaign) holds far more opportunity for fun and recreation than most people would typically believe.

“Sweetgreen Resort,” Wilder says, was a kind of amalgamation of his team’s perceptions of the ideal winter vacation destination. “We tried to think: where is somewhere that you would go for all of these activities? We [decided we] would have this kind of resort where all these characters would come together to enjoy all those activities and fuel up on what they needed. So that was really the crux of it: the perception of winter, and what winter could be.”

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