Suraksha Store

People are facing problems due to restrictions imposed due to the danger of corona. People are facing problems while purchasing goods of daily needs. A suspicion arises in the minds of people while purchasing goods. The suspicion is whether the goods are free from the infection of corona. Government is planning to open suraksha store to solve this problem. 20 lakh suraksha store may start working in the next 45 days.

The government is planning to convert present retail stores into suraksha stores. Any kirana store with prescribed infrastructure can apply for becoming suraksha store. It will be assured that safety measures are being followed to fight corona by the medium of suraksha stores. The plan is to include saloons and cloth shops in suraksha stores.

Cleanliness and physical distance will be maintained in the suraksha stores. Disinfectant will be used in the suraksha stores. Shopkeepers will have to arrange sanitizer or soap with water for hand washing . Masks will be arranged for the staff of the store. The places which are touched often will have to be disinfected two times a day. Government will include private companies to implement this plan. These companies will purchase essential goods and supply it to retailers.

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