Super Meat Boy developer Edmund McMillen and his partner share some new gifs showcasing the turn-based combat of upcoming title Mew-Genics.

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Edmund McMillen has worked on a variety of disturbing, morbid, and often brutally punishing games over the years, including Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, and most recently the twisted card game Tapeworm. His current project, Mew-Genics, is a weird little blast from the past in visuals as well as literally. A recent tweet helped explore more of what fans of Super Meat Boy and McMillen’s other games can expect from Mew-Genics‘ combat system.

Mew-Genics was originally intended as a follow-up to Super Meat Boy before it was hit by delays stemming from Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes’ clashing priorities. After Edmund McMillen acquired the rights to Mew-Genics in 2018, production resumed on the title. After he finished work on Tapeworm, he announced that he and his collaborator Tyler Glaiel would be working full-time on Mew-Genics.


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In a recent Twitter post labeled “teamwork,” Tyler Glaiel shared a gif that showcases a few seconds of Mew-Genics‘ new turned-based exploration and combat system. A fluffy grey cat moves across the screen, tosses a mouse into a square marked with an exclamation point, and then watches as a burst of light labeled “Hyper Beam” blasts the mouse off the map. This glimpse of combat appears to take inspiration from strategy games like Disgaea, especially given the apparent focus on throwing objects and taking advantage of environmental design.

Another recent post from Edmund McMillen may give gamers a slightly broader idea of how Mew-Genics will be structured. Apparently, the game features zones with chapters that change and branch out as the world is altered. Each area will be broken down into three chapters that feature basic combat, bosses and mini-bosses, random events, choices, shops, and treasure areas. According to the developer, the game is being designed with replay value in mind.

A third recent post, this one from Tyler Glaiel again, puts a spotlight on one particular ability cats can use in combat: Reflect. The gif shows a cat using the move and then hurling what seems to be a hairball at a Dungeons and Dragons-style slime monster. The projectile bounces between feline and foe three times before hitting the cat and doing six points of damage.

It appears that fans of Mew-Genics are looking forward to seeing more of the game’s mechanics in the future. While much of how the game works remains to be seen, the creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac has worked grim miracles before.

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