Stonehenge builders were infested with parasites, ancient poop reveals

The Neolithic workers who helped build the famous Stonehenge monument also left fossilized “poop balls” littered with parasitic worm eggs. (Image credit: Shutterstock)

In addition to a Neolithic monument, the builders of Stonehenge left behind something a little less celebratory: fossilized clumps of poop. A new analysis of these so-called coprolites suggests that during epic winter feasts, the ancient workers and their dogs ate undercooked meat littered with the eggs of parasitic worms. 

The team of researchers uncovered the fossilized “poop balls” in a refuse heap at Durrington Walls — a Neolithic settlement situated around 1.7 miles (2.8 kilometers) from Stonehenge. Experts believe that the site would have been home to many of the workers who built the iconic rings of standing stones, which may have acted as a solar calendar, between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago, according to a statement by the researchers. 

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