Sports & Hobbies in Singapore

The people of Singapore are sports-oriented, readily participate in a variety of sports for competition and fun. There are several ovals, stadiums and gymnasiums that maintain and improve the sporting prowess of Singapore throughout the year. For less active people, hobbies abound.

Popular sports and facilities

There is ample space to play for both outdoor and indoor games.

outdoor play

The main sports in Singapore are football (soccer), cricket, rugby union, swimming, badminton, basketball, cycling and table tennis. All these games are played outside at the Oval, Stadium or nearby parks for less formal competition.

The most popular spectator sport is soccer. The country has its own football league, the S League, which is made up of 10 teams that travel across the country and compete with each other. The national team won the Tiger Cup competition of Southeast Asia three times in 1998, 2004 and 2007.

The country is surrounded by the sea, and residents enjoy many water activities such as sailing, kayaking, and water skiing.

Dragon boat racing is a national pastime with many clubs and teams competing regularly.

In addition to surface activities, some have taken themselves below the surface of the ocean for scuba diving—the southern island of Pulau Hangu, known for its picturesque coral formations.

indoor sports

The majority of residents in Singapore live in public residential areas that provide well-equipped swimming pools, outdoor basketball courts, as well as indoor sports centers that provide facilities to play indoor games such as badminton, squash, table tennis, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, etc. Huh. and other games.


A visitor to Singapore may have some hobbies cherished from home, but there is always room to improve and diversify and enjoy hobbies while visiting Singapore.

Available hobbies

There are gourmet cooking classes, where cooking experts can impart their knowledge of cooking skills on local foods. The skills acquired by the visitor can be further developed after returning home.

Similarly there are many places to learn how to make local crafts where a visitor can start learning how to make local handicrafts using local materials and skills from local experts. Learners are taught how to make local tapestries, handicrafts, mats, fans, baskets and the like.

If the visitor is inclined for a more intoxicating experience, there are abundant opportunities to participate in wine tasting activities around the island.

There is street football for the youth, played almost every day by members of the local youth community to pass the time.

For the more adventurous, walking inside a fortune teller’s tent is essential to satisfy a deep-seated yearning to reveal fortunes immediately and to understand past and future events.

Learning how to collect and arrange flowers is another pastime that can prove beneficial. Visitors to this experience can join existing companies that can provide expert support and training.

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