Sports Betting for Winners – 3 Winning Ways That Can Improve Your Sports Betting Profits

No doubt you’ve at some point bet on your favorite basketball, hockey or football team, or favorites in horse racing, or any number of other sporting events, but how can you tell with any certainty, who wins? Going to do? If you can predict the winner, then with a high degree of accuracy, you can make money; It’s that easy.

Let’s face it, the reason you want to do this is to end up with more money than you did when you started. You believe you can predict winners more accurately than bookmakers, but how often are you right?

Well, the next time you bet on your chosen sport, the 3 sports betting strategies below can give you an edge. These 3 options, used properly, can make the difference between you walking away with a profit and this is just another pointless bet that helps bookmakers in the next overseas holiday.

asian handicap

It takes a little getting used to your sports betting techniques, but is very useful. There are generally 3 possible outcomes for any player or team in a sporting event; win, lose or draw. It is possible to reduce the number of results to just 2 by using the Asian constraint.

Let’s say we are watching a football match. The bookmaker may quote a handicap line where Team A starts the game with a 1.5 goal head start and Team B starts with a 1.5 goal handicap. Now, since we cannot achieve the 0.5 target, there can only be 2 outcomes and the odds are determined taking into account the odds.

If you think Team A will win, and as long as they win, draw or lose by at least more than one goal, you win because they started with 1.5 goals. Similarly, if you think Team B will win then they need to clear their hurdle of -1.5 goals. Therefore, they need to win by 2 or more goals.

In sports where the handicap can be leveled, such as in basketball where a team may be given a 20-point start, the bet will usually be returned in the event of a draw. However, it is best to check with your local bookmaker. In this case you can’t win, but you can’t lose either.


This means buying and selling for profit by taking advantage of different prices in different markets. This is the holy grail of sports betting because you can literally find yourself in the position that whoever wins the match, you will have an advantage over the outcome.

In practice this used to be very difficult to do because it meant following a wide range of market prices at the same time. However, with the advent of the Internet it has become much easier now. Since bookmakers often have widely differing opinions about the outcome of a sporting event, and also because they advertise their prices on their websites, we can quickly compare these prices.

If we find a situation where bookie A has a better price for one team/player and bookmaker B has a better price for his opponent, we can return both teams to the respective bookmakers and the result is whatever Yes, you can earn money.

bet in running

As a match or sporting event begins, the odds quoted at the beginning of the event may not sound like what you see on the field of play. If only you could bet knowing how the match is going. Well, that’s exactly what you can do with “Betting in Running”.

Many bookmakers will change the odds of the event as the action unfolds and you can bet on these “new” odds. If team A scores, that team’s chances of winning will decrease, and the subsequent team B’s chances of winning will increase. If you still believe that Team B will eventually succeed, these tall odds are your opportunity to bet at better (for you) odds. Typically, bookmakers’ own websites will tell you which events are being offered as “in running.”

Source by Gordon J McKay

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