Sony’s PS4 Used Game Instructional Video Wasn’t “Necessarily” Done At Microsoft’s Expense

Ex-PlayStation boss Jack Tretton has said that Sony’s infamous “Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video” from 2013 wasn’t “necessarily” done at Microsoft’s expense.

E3 2013 was the first big showcase for both the PS4 and the Xbox One, and it was a bit of a bloodbath for Microsoft, who had revealed that it wouldn’t be letting players play used games at its showcase. Sony then replied by showing an “Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video” at its own showcase the next day, which was essentially a big middle finger to Xbox.

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Microsoft quickly reversed the decision to limit used games on its platform, but the video was largely cited as one of the main reasons why PlayStation won that E3. Although the video seems pretty upfront in its purpose, former US PlayStation CEO Jack Tretton has claimed that it wasn’t “necessarily” done at Microsoft’s expense.


As reported by IGN, a recent interview between Axios and Jack Tretton featured him speaking about the video, where he said, “I have a lot of friends at Microsoft now and had a lot of friends then, and I wasn’t necessarily looking to do it at their expense. I was just feeling really good about it.

Tretton doesn’t elaborate on what he means on how it wasn’t “necessarily” done at Microsoft’s expense, but he seems to be saying that it was just a friendly jab and wasn’t done to hurt the studio.

It seems that Microsoft doesn’t quite remember it that way though, as Pure Xbox recalls Mike Mika, current Studio Head at Digital Eclipse speaking about the event during the recent Power On: The Story Of Xbox documentary, saying, “Sony came out all guns blazing with an immediate response to the Xbox One. Your game is your game. You own it. You can sell it. You can trade it in. That was, that was brutal.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Greenberg, the general manager of Xbox Games Marketing, said that the video was an example of, “stuff [getting] really ugly”.

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