Silent Hill and Fatal Frame Movie Adaptions Now Have Scripts

Two scripts by director Christophe Gans are complete, one for the third Silent Hill movie and another for the anticipated Fatal Frame adaptation.

At the moment, it feels like Silent Hill is on a lot of people’s lips. With Bloober Team rumored to be remaking Silent Hill 2, the famed yet dormant horror series is continuing to be the center of much speculation as fans wait to hear whether a new game is actually happening or not. In the meantime, something related to the franchise is confirmed to be coming at some point, as it turns out a script for a new film has now been finished.

In an interview with French media outlet Jeux Video, as seen by VGC, director and screenwriter Christophe Gans has said he’s now written the script for a third Silent Hill movie installment. He says he spent the majority of the COVID-19 lockdown working on it. It also appears as though he’s keen to get going, as there’s a chance that the new movie could be out next year. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also written a script for a Fatal Frame adaptation, which is called Project Zero in Europe, which he’ll be filming after Silent Hill. The scripts were written under the supervision of Konami and Tecmo, respectively.


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Additionally, Gans claims that this new script for Silent Hill will be independent of the previous films, including the 2006 adaptation that he wrote and directed, but will still be “respectful” to the source material. He also says that this new movie was written with current audiences in mind, adding that today’s horror “no longer resembles” what horror was like back when he made the first film. Gans discussed a new Silent Hill movie back in 2020 and also said he was working on Fatal Frame, so it’s good to see that the screenplays are now complete.

The Fatal Frame series enjoyed cult status on the PS2, terrifying the pants off fans with its creepy folklore and camera-based combat system that forced players to confront attacking ghosts. It’s been a few years since a new installment, though a remake of the fifth game Maiden of Black Water released in 2021. Many who enjoy the games will no doubt be excited about what Gans has in store for this adaptation, especially if they also enjoyed his 2006 take on Silent Hill.

As one of the most influential horror games of all time, the dormancy of Silent Hill has left a big gap in people’s collective hearts, particularly since the cancellation of the Hideo Kojima / Guillermo del Toro project back in 2015. Hopefully, more will come to light about whether a new game or remake is happening. In the meantime, at least there’s the third movie to look forward to in 2023.

A number of Silent Hill video game projects are rumored to be in development.

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Source: VGC, Jeux Video

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