share short clips from YouTube

You will be able to share short clips from YouTube videos

YouTube is a video sharing limit. That you cannot share a clip of a few seconds in a big video. This will be possible from the YouTube clip.

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YouTube Clip – 6 to 60 seconds video sharing tool YouTube Clip currently testing phase & can come to all users.
YouTube is testing a new tool YouTube clip. Small clips from YOUTUBE videos can be shared under this tool. It is currently in the testing stage and is available for a few creators.

From YouTube clips, users can share short clips from videos. In this, the video clip can be from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. To do this, users have to use third-party tools or apps.


According to a report by XDA, YouTube currently gives users permission to share videos starting at a particular time. Users can share a clip of a particular time of the video. It is very useful. Clips of live YouTube videos can be shared.

How to share a youtube clip

The YouTube clip sharing feature currently limited. It easy to use it. In some steps, we are telling you how to share short video clips from the URL.

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First, open the video on YouTube that worth sharing. The clip-like clip icon will give below that video. This option is not present in all videos.

By clicking on this icon, you will see the option of Create clip. After this, you can choose between 5 and 60 seconds of the video you are watching.

After giving a title to the clip, click on the Share Clip button. In a new panel, you will get the option to share videos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter.

You can embed or e-mail the clip. Apart from this, you can copy the link of the clip and paste it manually wherever you want. The YouTube clip was currently available for some users, desktop & on Android’s YouTube app. It can make public.

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