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Here’s 8 Indian Scientists and discoveries you probably never heard of

List of Scientists and discoveries

Ride on plastic:

Invention: Plastic roads

Inventor: Dr. R Vasudevan, dean, Thiagarajar faculty of Engineering in Madurai

In 2006, Vasudevan proprietary a road-laying method was used that involves sprinkling sliced plastic waste over hot gravel, with the coating and stones during a skinny film of plastic, so adding the plastic-coated stones to regular liquified tar and parturition the road.

What’s unique: Lasts longer and brings down road-laying maintenance prices by five hundredth as plastic doesn’t enable water to permeate into the road.

Eat with it, eat it

Invention: Edible cutlery

Inventor: Narayana Peesapati, Former Groundwater Investigator

Peesapati started work on his edible spoons and forks in 2010 and currently markets them underneath the brand Bakey’s across the globe. They seem to be a mix of millets, rice and wheat; therefore they don’t seem to be simply edible, they are in all probability a lot of wholesome than the alimentary paste that you simply scooped up with it.

What’s unique: They do not get soggy once left in hot or cold, for hours and have a period of 3 years.

Painting the city blue

Invention: YinMn Blue:

Inventor: Mr. Subramanian, Faculty Member of Materials Science, as a State University

Chennai-born Mr. Subramanian and his team accidentally invent a unique invention as a vivid new blue that has been delineated as “near perfect” whereas testing the electronic properties of metal as an element compound. It is the first inanimate blue pigment that has been discovered in 200 years.

What’s unique: Safe to provide and has no carcinogens. It is environmentally benign, remains stable at high temperatures, does not fade, and is currently commercial on the market as paint.

Manu’s Microscope:

Invention: Paper Magnifier

Inventor: Manu Prakash, Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University

In 2014, Meerut-born IIT-Kanpur student Manu Prakash devised a magnifier product of paper that prices underneath $1. referred to as the Foldscope, it is written on one sheet of paper and collapsible into form and used.

What’s unique: Foldscope is reasonable, transportable and might be employed in science education.

Voice corrective Prosthesis $1:

Invention: Aum Voice Prosthesis $1

Inventor: Dr. Vishal Rao, Oncologist

The Bengaluru-based doctor has made-up a small voice corrective product of semiconductor to assist cancer survivors. World Health Organization have lost their larynx or cartilaginous structure to speak once more.

What’s unique: Rao’s FTO voice corrective, made-up with the assistance of his friend Shashank Mahesh, that is , Aum Voice box costing only one dollar.


A significant contribution within the field of healthy living, Asian nation introduced the globe to yoga, discovered and experienced within the country since precedent days, with origins tracing back to Lord Shiva (also called Adi Yoga), the primary yoga guru. Today, individuals practice this non secular, physical and mental exercise across the globe on a day after day for healthy living. Moreover, the globe celebrates ‘International Yoga Day’ on June twenty first every year and therefore the man answerable for in this day and age is none apart from India’s Prime Minister  Narendra Modi. World Health Organization initiated the construct of practising yoga and celebrating it as Yoga Day.

Wireless communication:

This invention revolutionized the manner we tend to communicate whereas historians credit electrical engineer with inventing the wireless radio communication, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was really the primary one who incontestable the utilization of radio waves for communication publically back in 1895, precisely 2 years before electrical engineer gave the same demo in European nation. In alternative words, Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose made-up wireless communication technology, that allows individuals to speak quickly and transmit data over a distance without the necessity for electrical conductors, wires or cables.

Cataract surgery:

This one is another breakthrough within the field of drugs. For cataract surgery, the globe will give thanks Sushruta, ancient Indian Surgeon. World Health Organization developed this operation within the third century cerium. He was conjointly the most contributors to the Sushruta Veda. He performed this surgery employing an arcuate needle (called Jabamukhi Salaka) that unsnarled the lens so pushed the cataract into the rear of the attention.

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