Say goodbye to the problems of Wi-Fi

Say goodbye to the problems of Wi-Fi: Smartphones, TVs, computers, and video game consoles can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. But if there are some problems with Wi-Fi, then remove them like this. In everyday life, we need Wi-Fi in the same way as for electricity and water. Most Internet service providers offer basic modem routers, due to which many corners of the house are not able to come under Wi-Fi.

Say goodbye to the problems of Wi-Fi

Put the router in the right place:

The best way to keep a Wi-Fi router is the center point of the home. This will give you Wi-Fi signals in every corner of your house. Also, you try to keep the Wi-Fi router at your I level or above, this will keep your Wi-Fi signal better.

Repeaters for a good range:

Many times the router providing Internet service providers, often does not have a Wi-Fi network across the house. For this you can use repeater. This device will increase the coverage area by taking a Wi-Fi signal from your router. WPS is the easiest way to connect to a repeater. For this you need to enable the WPS button of the repeater along with enabling the router’s WPS.

Guest Network:

You enable the guest network on your router, keep its separate password. With this, guests coming home will not have to tell you the main password, when your friends leave the house, you can close the guest network and restart your home Wi-Fi.


Although routers are always designed to keep working, you can reboot them occasionally. Remember reboot, not reset. The best way would be to turn the router off and on after some time. Sometimes this method works even when there is a connectivity problem. Turning on and off, the internet runs properly.

Say goodbye to the problems of Wi-Fi Say goodbye to the problems of Wi-Fi

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