Sam Neill Last Watched ‘Jurassic Park’ Next to Princess Diana and His Farting Son

  • Sam Neill opened up about the last time he watched the first “Jurassic Park” in a new interview.
  • Neill, who played Dr. Alan Grant, said he watched the film last with Princess Diana and his 11-year-old son.
  • The actor also recalled his son farting during the screening, even in the presence of royalty.

“Jurassic Park” star Sam Neill hilariously recalled the last time he watched the film all the way through — and it included Neill’s 11-year-old son and Princess Diana.

“The last time I watched it in its totality was sitting beside Princess Di at Leicester Square at the London opening,” Neill told the New York Times in a recent interview. “On the other side of me was my son Tim — he was 11 and completely swept away by it.” 

But Neill revealed that his son got a little too carried away with the events of the film.

“About the time the T-Rex turns up, Tim started to fart. And the draft was drifting across me to royalty!” the “Possession” actor said. 

“I spent the whole film in a muck sweat, thinking, ‘Princess Di is being exposed to the horrors of a little boy’s fart, but she’s going to think it’s me. I am going to be subliminally blamed for my son’s crimes, and I don’t think she’ll talk to me afterwards,'” Neill continued, adding: “But she was well brought up and never mentioned it.” 

Neill’s “Jurassic Park” costar Jeff Goldblum also weighed in on the anecdote, telling the Times, “I’ve heard him tell that a couple of times, and it’s just amazing the lengths that he will go to still blame the boy.” 

Neill, Goldblum, and Laura Dern starred in the 1993 blockbuster together, playing Grant, Dr. Ian Malcolm, a mathematician, and paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler, respectively. 

The trio recently reunited for the new film “Jurassic World: Dominion,” the latest in the franchise now lead by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. 

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