Running a Ukrainian ad agency during war

Only nine weeks ago, creative agency Banda was cracking on with agency work, from the sanctity of its Kyiv-based studio. Sadly, all that has changed, with the country enduring Vladimir Putin’s bloody attack on Ukraine.  

For this edition of the Campaign podcast, work and inspiration editor Imogen Watson catches up with Yaroslav Serdiuk, co-owner of Banda in LA and Andrey Pavlov, digital director of Banda in Kyiv, alongside Campaign’s media editor, Arvind Hickman.  

Serdiuk and Pavlov share their experience of the war thus far; the former on the difficulties of watching it unfold from afar, the latter using work as a distraction as air raid sirens pierce through the sky outside. 

From this discussion, you’ve heard how Banda believes that creativity has the power to move the economy and society. If you have any projects for Banda to dig into, please email: They’re not looking for donations or charity, they’re looking for work. 

And, to support the effort in Ukraine, please visit where you’ll find a ‘how to support Ukraine’ page, with a full guide on ways to actively help. 

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