Run Youtube in smartphone background like this, trick is easy

Run Youtube in smartphone background: Many times we want to listen to music on Youtube but due to some work, we do not have time to watch the video. Although most music can be found on any music streaming app, there is some content that is only on YouTube.

Due to not having time to watch the video, we want YouTube to play in the background of the phone and we work, but many people do not know the way. A condition for watching YouTube videos in the background is that you will have to take a subscription, but today we will tell you the trick, through which you will be able to play videos in the background without a subscription. 

Run Youtube in smartphone background

Tips for android phone

First of all, go to the Google Chrome browser on your phone and type After this, after loading the page, click on the three dots shown on the right side and click on the option of desktop site. Now play any video you want to watch and when the video starts playing, then we hit the home screen by pressing the button. Now drag down on the notification panel. Here you will see the option to play the video that you played earlier. Now just tap on the play button. The video will just start playing in the background.

Tips for iOS devices

The trick to Run Youtube in smartphone background of the iOS devices is similar to Android. First, go to the Safari browser of the iPhone. Then type and click on the seen above in the left corner. Now click on the request desktop website and play the video you want. Now come to the home screen and then go to the control panel and play the video. Look at the screenshot to understand the trick.

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