If you want to record WhatsApp call free and easy, then follow these tips and tricks

Record WhatsApp call free and easy

Recording WhatsApp calls are not easy, but you can also record WhatsApp calls easily after using some tips and tricks. See details.

Important to know some tips and tricks for WhatsApp call record
You do not see the option of direct call record in WhatsApp
There were many ways to record WhatsApp calls, which are also difficult

Record WhatsApp call free:

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Let me tell you one thing here that if you are recording a call on WhatsApp, then it is important that you take permission from the person concerned. Also, it is necessary to know whether it is valid in India or not? Actually, recording a call without someone’s permission is sometimes not good.

This work is not very difficult, it will be easy if we do this

Record WhatsApp calls Easily

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It is not easy to record calls on WhatsApp, in this case, if you want to record WhatsApp calls for WhatsApp, you will need an Android phone along with MacBook and iPhone. There should be a WhatsApp account on the Android phone with voice call support. Now know how to record WhatsApp calls. First, connect the iPhone to the MacBook with the help of a lighting cable. After this, select Trust this computer on iPhone. Then you open QuickTime on the MacBook and select the new audio recording option shown in its option. Then click the Record button shown in QuickTime.

There has been a lot of controversies in recent times about WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

There is no privacy …

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After this, through WhatsApp call from your iPhone, call your Android phones and goes to add user icon, and select whoever you want to talk to. As soon as the conversation starts with him, you also turn on the recording. As soon as you disconnect the call, then stop recording by knowing in QuickTime and save it in MacBook. Let me tell you here that if you record someone’s call like this, then the person concerned will be aware of it. If you want, you can also record WhatsApp calls by installing Cube Call Recorder.

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