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We’re going to veer a little on the controversial side. You see, whenever you mention superhero movies, you immediately see factions preparing for battle about superhero movies. Sometimes arguments are based on the idea that the source material was completely ignored and that the Hollywood treatment was given to the hero in question. Others argue that movies are meant to be enjoyed and not broken down on spreadsheets for the sake of accuracy of the source material – it’s all about the entertainment.

The big goal here is to talk to the comic book lover hoping to get the most out of the flood of superhero movies in theaters. In other words, it’s time to let your guard down. No one is going to call your fandom into question or deny your years of faithful source material worship. It’s up to you to put down comic books from time to time and watch a movie based on characters and stories you know and love.

If what we’ve described sounds like you, here’s a quick guide to superhero movies and how to get the most out of them:

accept differences – Creative license is a part of writing movie scripts. Even with the source material at your disposal, sometimes you have to create story arcs that help pace the film. Elements will be omitted, and entire characters may not be part of the story being told. This is filmmaking 101.

series vs sequel – You may not grow up on leaving clean space for a sequel, but remember that a comic that spans decades has the freedom to have a story over a long period of time. Movies must end or at least be successful enough that they make the public want more.

embody the suspension of disbelief – Sometimes you should just give up the fantasy and watch the movie. Leaving any atrocious mishandling of the characters, go to the theater knowing that everyone there has your hands on it and just kick back for a few hours.

If you’re a casual movie fan who loves movies based on comic book characters, but isn’t quite as committed to the material, please consider this guide as a slight concession to the other side about wearing out their comedic knowledge. is in. on his sleeve. Don’t hate and definitely don’t look down on these people. Since they may be more inclined to watch a movie just for fun, you might be able to put some effort in and ask for some character background. You might just find that you’ve missed some serious nuances that make your favorite characters more dynamic and have more depth.

Superhero movies stir up some serious emotion in people, especially comic book lovers, who have devoted themselves to understanding the ins and outs of characters and their backstories. While it can be ambitious to strike a pact between the casual superhero movie fan and the devoted comic book lover, being able to share the same space to watch an entertaining movie can be a good first step.

Source by Morris Raymond

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