Preparations to fight corona

The amount of success of lockdown will start becoming visible after 14 days. There is hope that speed of spread of corona will reduce. India may not face the situation which is being faced by many nations of Europe and America. However it cannot be claimed that lockdown of 21 days will succeed in fully defeating corona. At this moment it seems that till now India has succeeded in controlling corona to a great extent. Almost all kinds of arrangements have been made during the lockdown period. The arrangements which are lacking will be made before the lockdown is over.

There were 3 dozen laboratories in India having the facility of corona testing in the third week of march. Now 200 government laboratories have the facility of corona testing. Besides these 51 private laboratories have been allowed to conduct test of corona. Permission has been granted to rapid anti bodies test. In this test blood sample is taken to test corona on the spot. If need arises to test full population than this test can be used.

There was lack of private protective equipment for doctors and health workers. In the past 10 days ,fantastic work was made to arrange these equipment. Sanitizers and all types of private protective equipment are being made in India. These things are also ordered for purchase by the government. Many scientific institutions have started producing ventilators. Till the time the lockdown ends, ventilators will be available in a large quantity.

State governments have started making separate hospitals for the corona patients. 17 states have succeeded in doing this. The doctors of district hospitals have been given online training by doctors of AIMS.

Railways has decided to convert its trains and coaches into quarantine centres and isolation wards. The railways has developed facilities for admitting more than 3 lakh patients. The army has developed facilities of quarantine and treatment. If needed the army can develop quarantine and isolation facilities in a few hours.

The medical scientists are working hard. Along with the testing of present medicines, the discovery of new medicines has been started. If the medicine or vaccine of corona is made anywhere in the world, it will be possible to produce it in India in a few days. The patent law does not apply on such new medicines. The government has tried to give relief to the people by giving a package of 1.7 lakh crore. The central government is closely in contact with the state governments. There is hope that the preparations made in lockdown will be useful for the country.

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