Pokemon Fan Makes Water, Fire, and Venom Versions of Bulbasaur

One talented Pokemon fan decides to make new Water, Fire, and Venom versions of the iconic Grass-Type Pokemon known as Bulbasaur.

With every new generation of Pokemon games comes a new group of Pokemon for gamers to catch and train. While many of the more recent pocket monsters have caught the attention of fans, such as the upcoming starters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, some of the classic Pokemon from the original games continue to be popular. One of these iconic Pokemon from the early days of the franchise is Bulbasaur.

As part of the original Gen 1 Pokedex, Bulbasaur was first introduced to the Pokemon games in Pokemon Red and Blue as one of the original starters. Since then, this Grass/Poison-type Pokemon has gone on to feature in numerous other games over the years, making it one of the more recognizable pocket monsters in the franchise. Recently, one fan decided to make a unique piece of artwork reimagining what Bulbasaur might look like as different types of Pokemon.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as scrazyone1 shared a picture based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, this image stood out because it featured four unique versions of the popular Bulbasaur. According to the artist, they created a Water, Fire, and Venom version of the Pokemon to go along with the standard Grass/Poison-type. The Water version had a shell on its back and a blue coloration reminiscent of Squirtle, while the Fire version replaced the plant bulb with a red flame.

While each version of Bulbasaur had an impressive set of features, the Venom version was particularly noteworthy due to its inspiration, likely from the Marvel anti-hero of the same name. In the image, the Pokemon featured an inky black color, with a dark plant bulb on its back. In addition, its mouth contained razor-sharp teeth, along with a long red tongue, giving it a menacing appearance.

Since scrazyone1 posted this impressive artwork featuring Water, Fire, and Venom versions of Bulbasaur, numerous members of the Pokemon community on Reddit have taken notice. With over 8,100 upvotes in less than a day, many were impressed with how each version of Bulbasaur dramatically changed its look while remaining recognizable. Among the comments, particular praise went to the Venom design, with one fan saying, “so there’s making amazing things and there’s making BULBASAUR VENOM.” In addition to these designs, some wanted to see the artist attempt to do Venom versions of other Pokemon, such as Mewtwo and Gengar.

It is often exciting to see what types of creations are made by talented members of the Pokemon community on Reddit. While this amazing Bulbasaur art might be hard to match, numerous other gamers have made fan art based on the series over the last couple of weeks. For example, one fan recently designed a heartbreaking regional variant for Tauros. Time will tell what creations are made by talented gamers in the weeks ahead.

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