Phone number not visible in Google search, immediately take these measures: Whatsapp

The Click to Chat feature of the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is now under question. It is being told that the phone numbers of the users using this feature appear in Google search results. Through the click to chat feature, users can connect to friends and family via url or link. For this, there is no need to have a number cell in the phone.

Searching numbers due to Google

For the past few days, there has been a lot of debate about this flaw of WhatsApp. Some believe that WhatsApp intentionally made this feature so. So, right there, some believe that this one bug may be caused by a bug. However, the possibility of a drawback from WhatsApp is being greatly reduced. The reason for the phone number in the search is Google. Google’s algorithm is such that it extracts phone numbers from the metadata of click to chat feature links, after which they start appearing in the Google search index.

Security researchers told data leak

Security researchers have called the flaw a data leak. At the same time, in a statement given to the Threat Post, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google have described it as ‘expected behavior’. No way has been found to correct this flaw, but to protect the mobile number of security researchers, Facebook, WhatsApp and Google have made some suggestions. However, so far these companies have not responded positively to the suggestions of the experts.

The only way to find the number in the search

While companies are delaying to implement the suggestions of the researchers, this is increasing the risk on the privacy of the users. Because of the click to chat feature, your phone number does not come up in Google search, for this it is better to avoid using this feature of WhatsApp. Also, if you have already used this feature, then you will have to manually delete the click to chat links by going to the Public Accessible website.

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