People vs Technology

With the recent rise of technology, many companies are employing these technologies in many of their operations, including sales, record keeping and customer service. Advertising and promotions are now done more effectively than ever, reaching more customers. Another big area that has evolved with technology is customer service.

Organizations are now adopting sophisticated methods to get feedback from customers and provide appropriate feedback. However some organizations have gone too far in their bid to employ these sophistication in providing customer service to their customers. Customer service is now run entirely by automated systems instead of human.

Google is reportedly running most of its services by automated systems. Automated systems provide support to customers; Disseminate information about customers and almost everything. Google Health is run by an automated system, but does not provide any live support for the system. This means that sick people using this feature only get a chance to interact with a software and not a human being.

The fundamental drawback here is that, software is designed to accept a predictable input and produce a predictable output. Human behavior however is unpredictable. For example, if the health system is designed to prescribe malaria drugs for a patient reporting with headache and fever. What happens if a patient walks in with a headache but no fever? Provisions can be made for such cases, but there will always be an element of unpredictability at play. A customer service system that suggests solutions may be ineffective when the user is faced with a new problem that was not incorporated into the system’s design.

In any information system used by people, it is very important to provide humanitarian assistance to customers, although this may come at a high cost. Google should be able to offer humanitarian support for its facilities because humans are in a better position to handle unforeseen situations than software and hardware.

Source by Andy Fitzpatrick

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