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The world health organisation has developed online learning modules in many languages keeping in mind social distancing. This has been done to reduce the spread of covid-19. Many Indian educational institutions including IIT and IIM are giving online education. Corona has made online education necessary and forced us to think about benefits of online education system.

Online education is one of the most important change in the modern history. The availability of internet has increased a lot in the previous decade . There is need of trusted and safe broadband connection to receive online education.

Online education market will increase to 1.96 Arab dollar in India in 2021. Online education is cheap so it is liked by students. High career aspirations and low income is a characteristic of Indian population. India can become a big market for online education.

India is among those nations that is making fast progress in information technology. Government’s digital India initiative has provided immense opportunities. High speed internet availability , use of smartphone and a huge population of students make India a fantastic market of online education. Large amount of information is available on internet in various languages which many people like to read online. The educational institutions which have adopted online education can show more flexibility in fulfilling educational requirements. There is a lot of benefit in establishing trusted online educational platform in times of corona.

Online education will change the experience of students and teachers. They will have the flexibility to schedule their timings. Students can access online education when they need it instead of fixed day and timings.

In the times of technological obsolescence ,professionals need to update their skills regularly. Online education is a good platform for them to learn skills related to their job . Online certificate courses can be useful for such people. Some IIM and IIT have started various online courses of small and medium duration. Recently UGC has made various positive changes in the direction of online learning.

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